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We use ingredients from North Carolina farms, breweries, distilleries, and bakeries 

At Circa 1800, we strive to use as many local ingredients and products as possible.  This brings the freshest possible foods to our customers and let's admit, fresher tastes better.  Fayetteville and the surrounding areas produce some of the finest vegetables, local honey, grass fed beef, and free range pork.   There are more than one hundred breweries in North Carolina, more than any other Southern state.  All of our draft beers are made in North Carolina, and rotate periodically.  North Carolina may have a dubious past with liquor distillation, but today several legal craft distilleries have emerged due to changes to state laws in recent years. With roots in moonshine, several distillers continue the tradition of making white whiskey, but you can taste a surprising variety of spirits throughout the state including vodka, gin and rum.   Circa is also committed to bringing you the great taste of North Carolina spirits.

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